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Breakfast Menu

Serving a large variety of breakfast items which includes our famous "Dorset Pockets".  Delicious french toast stuffed with an assortment of fruit fillings.  Rumor has it that our hash browns are some of the best. Come and see for yourself if they are top of the line!!

Some of the all time favorites are:

General Store Special;   Two eggs & toast                

Dorset Pockets; Choice of blueberry or raspberry

Potato Pancakes; Served with applesauce & sour cream  

Egg in a Cake; The egg is cooked in the pancake            

Norwegian Um-lette; Seeing is believing !    

Wavy Rancheros: our crazy twist on a Mexican favorite. Eggs on a tortilla shell with cheese sour cream, green pepper & onion

Omelets; Twelve different choices, not enough?  Build your own under our special "Have it Your Way"          

Plus; corned beef hash, bacon, ham, sausage and many pancake & French Toast combinations. We try and provide you with one of the most varied breakfast menu's in northern Minnesota.  Sunday's are the busiest day of the week so we suggest you "come early" relax and enjoy.  Make new friends, relax and stay a while.

We haven't listed the entire menu only the items that we feel best represent our restaurant and the favorite items chosen by our customers.   The Dorset General Store & La Pasta would like your dining experience to be an enjoyable part of your vacation.

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